Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bloomin' Wallpaper!

We met up yesterday to work on our Shaker ‘wallpaper’ which is made up of printed chairs, which will appear to be hung on the wall as in the Shaker tradition. We are now working on mixed media interventions to be introduced to the printed chairs by way of incorporating woven, painted and ceramic elements. This is turning out to be another great skills sharing excercise for us, and reinforces the importance of colaborating accross a number of disciplines. This piece has been concieved as an installation work, but we're also now looking towards having a functional version printed. We're hopeful we may even have a lucrative retailer on board to help with the production and distribution of 'Shaker' as a product, but thats all top secret for now I'm afraid. You'll have to keep watching this space to find out where and when you can get hold of your very own roll!

In the meantime, entertain yourselves with this; my first attempt at 'upholstering' one of my chair drawings with a living cushion of flowers.

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